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A guide to history, historic sites, mysteries, great places to visit,
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Pirates thwarted at Apalachicola Bay, Florida
The Hillabee Massacre in Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Goldville: Center Point of Alabama's Gold Boom
Early Version of the Ghost of Sketoe's Hole in Newton, Alabama
The Battle of Spanish Fort, Alabama
The Fort at Prospect Bluff, Florida (Negro Fort/Fort Gadsden)
Whiskey Bottle Tombstone in Clayton, Alabama
Camp Milton Historic Preserve, Florida
Battle of Columbus, Georgia


Explore the forts and battlefields that dot the landscape of the American South. We provide documented history and the latest information for visiting these places.


Scenic rivers, crystal clear springs, canyons, mountains, rare ecosystems, and more await you in the South. Our guide will take you there before you visit to help you plan!


The South is a region of ghosts, mysteries, haunts, cryptids, monsters, legends, and more! Let us tell you the "stories behind the stories" of some very creepy tales!

History, Mystery, and Outdoors News from around the South

Check out our articles about forts, battlefields, historical places, ghost stories, monsters, mysteries, scenic highways, and fantastic outdoor places to visit!

Forts & Battlefields

Historic Towns, Communities, & Cities

The U.S. Southeast is one of the most fought over regions in the world. The sites of forts and battlefields dot the landscape and students of military history come from many countries to study the maneuvers and tactics of the armies that battled here. 

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St. Augustine, Savannah, Charleston, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Fort Smith, Pensacola, and Biloxi are just the beginning. Fantastic and historic communities dot the landscape of the South. Let us take you on incredible journeys to intriguing communities just waiting for you.

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Ghosts, Monsters & Mysteries

Scenic Highways

Ghosts, monsters, and mysteries are part of the culture and daily life of the South. The hauntings of Charleston, Savannah, Key West, and New Orleans are well-known, but there is much, much more. Some of the most fascinating tales come from rural communities and small towns.

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Mountains, forests, coastal communities, and more await you along the scenic roads and highways of the U.S. Southeast. We drive and explore these scenic highways so you will know what to expect when you venture off the beaten path to see the real South.

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